On August 12, 2005 by Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No 832, a decision was made to create Joint Stock Company Park of Nuclear Technologies with full participation of the state in its nominal capital, which is imposed to implement republican investment project Creation of the Park of Nuclear Technologies in Kurchatov.

Pursuant to the approved passport of the Republican Budget Program of 2005, 273 mln tenge of the republican budget are directed for the work under the plan on implementation of the program. A principle goal of the joint stock company for the next three years is planning and work organization on the development of design and estimate documentation and start of construction of infrastructure and base industrial facilities of Technopark. 

JSC PNT Documents:

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 Passport of the Republican Budget Program 007 "Creation of Technopark “Park of Nuclear Technologies” in Kurchatov, 2005


 Resolution of the Government of RK dated August 12, 2005 concerning creation of Joint Stock Company “Park of Nuclear Technologies”


On February 22, 2005 at the meeting, Government of RK adopted project for development of Park of Nuclear Technologies in Kurchatov town.

The main purpose of Park of Nuclear Technologies Technopark establishment is the creation of favorable economic conditions for accelerated development of region, promotion of high technology developments at the market, its implementation to industrial production, development of new technologies and solution of existing social-economic problems.

At this page you can be addressed to documents corresponding to process of Technopark development.

Archive of expertise and agreements:

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 [1] Public Hearings Protocol of Technopark Feasibility Study


 [1-1] Application of Ecological Consequences for PNT Feasibility Study


 [1-2] Report at Hearings for preliminary EIA of PNT Feasibility Study dated September 30, 2004

4 990

 [1-3] Act of Preliminary Radiation Survey of PNT

2 679

 [2] Conclusion of ECO GosSanEpidemNadzor of PNT

6 965

 [3] Conclusion of Irtysh Basin Administration of PNT Feasibility Study

2 051

 [4] VostKazNedra Agreement of Feasibility Study PNT

1 115

 [5] Conclusion of TM EKO Environment Protection at Feasibility Study of PNT

6 227

 [6] Conclusion of  CAE for PNT Feasibility Study

5 708

 [7] Conclusion of Fire-Prevention Service Department MES RK on PNT Feasibility Study

1 097

 [8] Conclusion of Kazakh State University at ILU -10 of PNT Feasibility Study

2 767

 [9] Conclusion of Scientific and Technical Expertise of MES

3 812

 [10] Sectorial Conclusion of MEMR

13 266

 [11] Conclusion of RSES of PNT Feasibility Study


 [12] Conclusion of State Ecological Expertise of MEP

4 490

 [13] Conclusion No. 2-731_04 dated December 27,2004 State Expertise

2 885

 [14] Conclusion of Economic Expertise of MEBP upon PNT Feasibility Study

6 610

 [14-1] Letter from MEBP No.06-1-2 9033 dated August 22, 2005 concerning reduced defaults of PNT Feasibility Study


 [15] Decree of Construction Committee No. 133-Design and Exploration Works dated May 20, 2005 concerning Feasibility Study Statement of PNT

6 610

 [17] Decree on Statement of PNT FS dated June 13, 2005 No.172 (MEBP August 27, 2005)


 [18] Decree of Committee on Governmental Property and Privating MF RK 357 dated August 27, 2005 Concerning JSC PNT Creation


 [19] The Charter of JSC PNT


 [20] Decree 464 dated November 21, 2005 Concerning Election of JSC PNT Authorities


 [21] Act 52 dated December 06, 2005 Acceptance-Transfer of Right to Possession and Use of Shareholdings of PNT Feasibility Study



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