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Pursuant to Presidential Edict of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 9, 2009 # 885, three papers selected from 16 were awarded the State Prize in the area of Science and Technology.
The State Prize was also awarded to the following paper “Fundamental research in the area of nuclear and radiation physics on the base of advanced experimental nuclear physical facilities of Institute of Nuclear Physics of National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan and development of radio and nuclear technology on its base” prepared by authors: K.K Kadyrzhanov, G.A Batyrbekov, A.N Borisenko, A.D Duisebayev, Zh.R Zhotabayev, S.N Lysukhin, O.P Maksimkin, A.Zh Tuleushev.Paper presents the results in fundamental and applied physics.

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A unique experimental complex, based on nuclear reactor and charged particle accelerator, original techniques and facilities designed to carry out fundamental, applied research and to develop nuclear and radiation technologies, was constructed in INPh NNC RK.First in the world practice, the modernization of research nuclear reactor VVR-K was carried out. Being a national treasure of the country as high-power tool for development of breakthrough nuclear technologies, it was not only kept but first in the world practice; it was commissioned once again after a ten year break.The unique accelerator complex has been developed: cyclotron was modernized, tandem heavy-ion accelerator, electron accelerator, heavy-ion cyclotron were constructed as a result of which the advanced breakthrough nuclear and radiotechnologies for manufacturing of radioisotope production with coming into the international market, irradiation serialization of medical products were developed and realized,  new directions of fundamental and applied scientific research were opened.First, the effects of “anomalous back dispersion” and “nuclear bow” were discovered and studied; new direction to conduct research in nuclear physics connected with possible existing of another one nuclear matter form such as Bose-Einstein condensation has been opened, for first time version of exciton model of compound particles emission from multiple unbound states had been proposed.First, it was given experimental and theoretical justification of new original thermodynamical approach to produce thermally stable multilayer multifunctional metallic materials, new economical method for processing of stainless steel has been opened with the application of radiotechnology that is a physical basis for breakthrough radiation technology has been opened, a new phenomenon of thermofluctional melting comprising of spontaneous transition of material nanoparticles through energy barrier that divides liquid and solid state, has been opened, the new intermetallic compounds, which are being new superconductors in the helium temperature range, were synthesized.First, it was given experimental and theoretical justification of possible construction of space nuclear power system that generates the high-power laser irradiation in steady and pulse oscillation mode. The coherent radiation was obtained together with the nuclear ionization in nuclear reactor. For the first time in CIS, the time-of-flight mass-spectrometer was manufactured with the ionization of secondary ions by fission fragments.It should be noted that Kazakhstan is included in the list of international countries with the high degree of competence in the area of fundamental nuclear physics and radiation material science.Distribution of State prizes to laureates will be carried out the day before the Independence Day celebration and it proves the achievements of our scientists and the continuative attention of Head of the State to scientific issues. And this is much obliging for our scientists and all scientific workers.

Fully appreciated long service of scientists and specialists will undoubtedly promote to further development of Kazakhstan science and technology and their moving to a new level of breakthrough work in the world.

References: “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda”


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