STORKE - Automated Licensing System

In May 2002 a presentation of the new system, the System To Review Kazakhstan Export (STORKE), was made at the Kazakhstan Atomic Energy Committee. The system developed by programmers of the National Nuclear Center RK in 2000-2002 is a database for technical analysis and system providing email safety. It is intended to review requests for the licenses to export double-use nuclear products and other products of nuclear industry.

STORKE provides a reliable protection of the electronic channel between the AEC personnel responsible for licensing (Almaty) and technical personnel of the Institute of Atomic Energy (IAE) in Kurchatov. Kazakhstan Atomic Energy Committee reviews export requests for licenses that are received from the RK Ministry of Industry and Trade (MID) in Astana. When an additional expert judgement is required, the Committee sends a certain electronic request via the STORKE system to the Institute of Atomic Energy, one of the four institutes of the National Nuclear Center RK. The IAE experts may input data no matter where they are. STORKE was designed in a way so that its operation could quickly be extended to other oblasts of the country. In future, STORKE database will be available for other institutes and independent experts so that they could exchange information with each other.

The system was developed using Lotus Notes software and comprises two databases for the technical analysis, which are used in processing the licenses. One of them, a database of referenced documents, allows to search by full texts of technical manuals, national and international laws, instructions and check-lists. The second component of system includes Lotus program that traces requests and provides searching of information by previously processed licenses.

The project is funded by the US Department of State. The system is maintained and upgraded with a technical support of the Los-Alamos National Laboratory personnel.


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