Automation of Experimental Studies


The automation of experimental studies is one of the priority directions in the activity of the Information Technology Department. In recent years several automated systems were developed and introduced at the IAE facilities. The state-of-the-art industrial means based on microprocessor techniques from foreign and CIS manufacturers are used as technical means. All systems are based on a distributive architecture that transfers the data via local computation networks. 
The software developed allow to collect and record parameters, to perform discrete management functions according to the given algorithm, to carry out an analysis of boundary values by several algorithms and to reflect data in graphical and tabular forms including mnemonic and column diagrams.

The System Basic Characteristics:

  • a rapid, 100 msec, full cycle of data collection and recording, for separate groups of input signals may be less andthan 5 msec;
  • a constant time synchronization of the whole package of the values measured.

Information-Measurement System of the ANGARA Test Bench:

  • a 120-channel sub-complex on the basis of the microcontroller in MicroPC Octagon Systems standard and modules of G5 GrayHill types to collect data from the temperature measurements in a research facility and experimental devices;
  • a basic measuring complex on Advantech company controller, discrete and analogous input data collection boards, formation of signals to control test bench automation units for 300 analogous and 200 discrete parameters;
  • a minicomplex to measure a pressure impulse in the receiving device cavity on the eight measuring channels with a sampling frequency of 50 KHz;
  • the observation and control means on the basis of Pentium personal computers.

EAGLE Test Bench Information Control System:

  • a control system for the test bench automation units and automation control system on 200 input and 200 output signals on the basis of the Advantech controller;demon
  • a system for controlling the control-measurement device parameters is based on the Advantech microcontrollers and allows to process the data on 160 input analogous low level signals (thermocouples) and 150 middle level signals (1 to 10 volt, 0-20 mA);
  • a sub-complex of automatic maintenance of working medium temperature in the test bench main lines for 10 channels;
  • means of observation and control on the basis of Pentium personal computers.


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