NNCNet Corporative Data Transfer Network

arlanThe development of a scientific infrastructure at the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its incorporation into an international cooperation in conducting the research work is impossible without a daily use of corporative and world data transfer network. The work of a personal computer outside the network deprives its user the possibility to communicate with the colleagues and to efficiently work over the joint projects. A scientist not using Internet, a most important information source and convenient communication mode, is thrown out of the modern scientific process.

sherbakThe work on the creation of a uniform information network at the NNC RK and its integration into the world telecommunication space were started by the personnel of an Information Technology Department in 1998, when a concept and design of the geographically distributed network was developed. Taking into account a specific character of scientific departments location in Kurchatov and modern tendencies in designing data transfer networks, the wireless network technologies were selected. This resulted in creation of the NNCNet basic network using Aironet Company radiobridges ARLAN-640 and ARLAN-500, which provide a broadband data transfer at a speed of 2-11 Mbit/s. All design, construction and assembly operations were carried out by the personnel of the NNC Information Technology Department and its affiliated enterprises.

At present the NNC geographically distributed network of data transfer combines over 200 working stations and servers of the local networks at the IGR, IRBE, NNC RK, IAE including the IAE facilities 100 and 300 using the broadband communication channels on the bases of fiber-optic lines (100 Mbit/s), twin-axial cables (10 Mbit/s), radio channels (2-11 Mbit/s) and phone lines allotted.

serveraThe Internet connection is provided via a satellite asymmetric communication channel (VSAT) with an access rate of 160/64 Kbit to the Moscow teleport. The remote users are accessed via a modem pool for 16 phone lines. The network is protected with a corporative firewall. The work is constantly carried out to upgrade the network infrastructure, to introduce technical and program solutions allowing to adequately trace all technological innovations in the development of data transfer systems and networks.

Apart from the inter-corporative high-speed information exchange and information resource sharing, the NNCNet provides its users with the email capabilities, access to the main Internet services, the enterprise web-site, protected communication channels (VPN), IP-telephony services and with over newest technologies of automated data processing required for a modern enterprise.


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