Discussion of cooperation issues under SAIGA project experimental researches to support fast breeder reactor ASTRID being designed in France

Discussion hold during the meeting of RSE NNC RK delegation led by E.G. Batyrbekov, Director General, with Francois Gauche, Director of Nuclear Energy Division, CEA and Christian Bonnet, Director of Center, covered the issues of successful cooperation between National Nuclear Center and Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (CEA), France in scientific researches in the field of peaceful use of nuclear power. The meeting venue was Kadarache scientific-research center of Commissariate a l’Energie Atomique (CEA).

The meeting parties emphasized a high importance of the cooperation in experimental researches under SAIGA program to support the fast breeder reactor ASTRID being designed in France. The discussion comprised preparation procedures of contract on the program first stage – in-pile experiments series.

Managers of the Commissariat expressed a necessity to extend the cooperation between the enterprises in studies into severe accidents at nuclear reactors using experimental base existing in RSE NNC RK.  The parties agreed to begin discussion of possibility to conduct additional in-pile and out-of-pile experiments along with implementation of already agreed studies. A decision is made to prepare Memorandum of cooperation between CEA and RSE NNC RK on existing and prospective activity areas.

On the closure of the meeting E.G. Batyrbekov handed over to Mr.Gauche invitation from Mr. B.M. Jaxaliev, RK Vice-Minister of Energy to participate at the World Congress of Engineers and Scientists in the framework of Astana EXPO-2017.

 French colleagues were also invited to the events dedicated to 25th Anniversary of RSE NNC RK.

Nowadays we can surely state that mutual interest between NNC RK and the Commissariat in effective mutually beneficial cooperation increases, and Commissariate a l’Energie Atomique, France becomes one of the leading foreign partner of the RK National Nuclear Center.


Dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of Semipalatinsk Test Site Closure
VII International Conference SEMIPALATINSK

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